About Us

Not for the advanced tea drinkers (sort of)! is the go to place for specialty teas for people who are not usual tea drinkers (beginners).

Tea Industries’ teas don’t over complicate your taste buds; you don’t have to challenge yourself to figure out what you’re drinking.

We have a lot of blends that don’t require the typical ‘acquired taste’ curve that you typically find in certain wines, cheeses, liquors, as well as specialty teas.

We do this by offering blends many non tea drinkers are familiar with. Although we offer the basic tea blends such as earl grey, English breakfast and sencha green tea, we go out of our way to blend non traditional flavors that a non tea drinker may already have been accustomed to outside of teas.

For example, for those of you who like Pumpkin spice, we’ve created a specialty tea blend just for you. It’s got all the cozy flavors you’re familiar with but in tea form. It’s a great way to become familiar with the process of brewing specialty tea while at the same time have a tasting experience that you are likely to be familiar with.

We also have many other non traditional flavors such as our cinnamon fireball tea that’ll give your taste buds a satisfying kick, and our champagne berries tea (unfortunately no alcohol) that’s blended to give your tongue a crisp berry taste akin to drinking a bubbly  glass of champagne.

Think of some of our blends as the gateway tea. We believe that once you’ve exercised the brewing process with familiar flavors you will better enjoy and appreciate exploring more sophisticated blends such as oolong tea or genmaicha.

The great thing is that tea is naturally good for the mind, body and soul. Couple that with building experiential relationships with others like your spouse, parents, friends and even coworkers; you can create your own brewing ritual, build up knowledge and experience and share it with others over a cup of tea.

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