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Skip the coffee and the energy drinks! Tea has proven to be a good source of energy to take on virtually any task... without the crash.

Our mission is simple, to deliver the best tea drinking experience. We source the most robust ingredients from around the world to bring it to your cup.

No need to worry about driving to the store to get great tasting tea. We ship from New York and our teas are delivered right to your door!

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A little about black tea

A little about black tea

One of the key reasons for the phenomenal popularity of black tea is its soothing nature.  Anecdotally, tea drinkers have been saying for years that black tea can help...
Are green and black teas actually made from the same plant?

Are green and black teas actually made from the same plant?

While most people are familiar with the basic categories of teas such as black, green, white, or even oolong tea, they may not know...

5 interesting things you can do with your used tea bags or loose tea!

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